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Best Mostly Free DVD Players for Windows 10

Best Mostly Free DVD Players for Windows 10 on SoftandFiles Blog

While DVD format was introduced in 1996, it seems now obsolete, pushed away by digital downloads and (to less extent) by Blu-ray. Yet new movies are still released on DVD, and you probably have a good collection of your favorite films you have already purchased.

Watching them on a PC (no matter, desktop or laptop) requires a special player application.

After exploring the market, we have found 5 best DVD playing apps that would suit your needs. In fact, these are quite versatile video players, but the pro they have in common is handling these discs as well as if were just video files with no specific carrier. We also consider how the application handles DVD images through virtual drives or DVD5/DVD9 file rips.

In fact, finding a PC with DVD-ROM wasn’t the hardest part of writing this. The hardest was finding some video DVD for checking apps abilities. It would have been even fairer to have some damaged DVDs, but reading scratched discs is more about drives test. So come on. Launching.

GOM Player

One of the most popular video players is good on DVDs. Yet, being developed in Korea, it seems ahead of the best DVD times. So, being generally a decent DVD player for Windows, it may stumble at some disks, especially if they’re damaged. It seems even more strange, considering its claimed ability to play broken or corrupted media files.

Though it’s rarely reported to fail on disks, it’s better to know that it can. The problem is only reported for physical disks; copying it to your HDD can help.


  • Free
  • Plays all video files, including corrupted
  • Opens DVD with no extra moves


  • May experience problems with reading physical disks

VLC Media Player

If you need a good media player, chances are VLC will satisfy your needs. This free player developed by enthusiast community has become a sort of default for PC or mobile devices. The application is highly popular and gets frequent updates.

But this app has been made with files and streams on the mind. The good old DVDs have obviously been out of priority. So, being generally a decent video player, it doesn’t provide as smooth playback as some other players do. Besides that, you may need to install some codecs additionally to make sure it decodes DVD video files right.


  • Very popular
  • Has all the features


  • You may dislike its too colorful interface
  • It needs additional codecs to handle DVD properly

Pot Player

The simplest one in our list is for those who like to do everything manually. Its simplistic interface has nothing besides the most necessary features.

To open a DVD, you’ll need to click on an Eject button, then enter the file system of the folder (no matter if it’s on a physical disk or on its copy), and select the video file in VIDEO_TS folder. If you select the .IFO file, you open the disc menu. Other files contain fragments of the min video.

This minimalistic player is the greatest option if you’re short of disk space, or if you prefer it light. Its settings are rich, yet they are hidden within the multilevel menu.


  • Lightweight
  • Great performance
  • Opens DVD contents correctly
  • Free


  • Everything is done manually
  • No Windows 10 style at all


Maybe one of the most powerful DVD suites ever, this application knows all about it. Being positioned as a home media center, it has all the possibilities of today’s video and audio player. It can be used solely on a PC or as a part of the multimedia environment, with a TV output.

But what matters to us the most is its DVD and Blu-ray capacities, and they are great. The player handles great both physical disks and their image folders, let alone virtual drives. Once you open the disk or the folder in its internal file browser, the application launches the start menu immediately.

This DVD player for Windows is paid; you can, though, evaluate its demo version for a month to decide on purchasing or ignoring. We’d recommend to purchase it, first of all, is you spend a lot of time at a TV connected to your PC.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Opens DVDs and copy folders automatically
  • Provides smooth playback
  • Compatible with connected TVs


  • Needs a lot of space

  • Commercial

5K Player

This one can be considered the best through its great side features. It does well with DVD discs and images, and also plays Blu-ray. You need to just select the drive or location of image files. The application launches the DVD menu, so you can watch it as you do with a regular hardware DVD player. If the disk is undamaged, the player goes through it smoothly. All the DVD features are here, like audio track and subtitles selection, scene-to-scene navigation and all the

The application also has its built-in YouTube browser, online radio player, DLNA and AirPlay features. It’s a perfect software companion for your PC+TV combination. You can connect the two via HDMI or Wi-Fi, it doesn’t matter; 5K Player supports both ways.

In addition, if grants free access to 300+ sites with free videos you can watch through it. The only inconvenience you’ll run into is a necessity to register to access all these sites. The player may send collected data about your preferences to its developers. Yet it’s depersonalized and not meant to harm you in any possible way.


  • Greatly stuffed with features
  • Free
  • Recognized physical DVDs or images
  • A lot of additional features


  • None

Not being exhaustive, this list offers you a good selection of tools for playing DVDs on your PC. Which one did you like the most?

Hailey Miles

UX designer, an expert in the beauty of apps.

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